enter a garden of sound in central Malmö

move around to explore the soundscape

follow your Ears

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Ears requires

an iPhone

an iPhone

a pair of headphones


Malmö's skyline

being in Malmö

and is free to download.

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Dear listener,

In the heart of the city of Malmö, where we live, we’ve planted a garden of sound for you to explore.

When you move around Malmö, you also move around the garden.

The bustling market at Möllan – a cacophonous factory. Children playing in Folkets Park – a distant, longing melody. The Ears garden is an otherworldly sonic layer on top of reality.

Go for a stroll. Stop and listen for a bit.
Be lazy. Be curious. Bring a friend.

Follow your Ears.

— Björn and Pontus

So it's an app that plays sounds?

Yes, and the sounds vary based on where in Malmö you are.

Like spotify?

Ears is not just an album that plays while you walk around. Different locations in Malmö have different sounds, and each sound has been tailored to its location.

Is there an Android app?

We didn't have the resources to make an app for both Android and iPhone. If you don't have an iPhone, maybe you can borrow one from a friend.

Can you make Ears available where I live?

We'd love to make Ears available in more cities. The more requests we get for this, the more likely we are to make it happen. Email hello@ears.garden and tell us the city closest to you.

I'm having trouble using the app

Please reach out to hello@ears.garden with any issues or questions you have.

I don't want to give the app access to my location

Ears needs your location to play the right sound in the right place -- without location the essence of Ears is lost.

We understand if you're hesitant to give apps access to your location data. Ears uses your location only while the app is running, and does not store the data at all, or send it anywhere. See our privacy policy below.

What's your privacy policy?

We do not collect any user data, and we currently have no intention of doing so in the future.

If we start collecting data, it will only be for tracking down bugs or improving the experience. We will never collect any identifiable information that can be tied to you.

Who made Ears?

Pontus Granström
Design, Code, Concept
Björn Lindberg
Music, Sound, Concept

With funding from Längmanska kulturfonden.

Can we get in touch?

Definitely. Send us an email: hello@ears.garden.

My question isn't on here

Send it along to hello@ears.garden and we'll get back to you.

Is Ears an art piece?